This is 40

I can now officially say I am 40!Wow I can’t actually believe it but there it is the big day has been and gone, along with a fabulous weekend away in Dublin.

There will be more to follow about our adventures in Dublin but for now I’m trying to catch up with myself.

I’ve not been feeling great since getting back and I’m trying to convince myself that it’s nothing to do with a complete lack of sleep and far too much alcohol!

I was a very lucky girl and had some lovely cards and presents for my birthday, maybe being 40 isn’t quite so bad after all.
Having just about unpacked my own suitcase etc, my daughter gave me approximately a months worth of washing which needs to be clean,dry and ironed for tomorrow because they are going to have a week away with their Dad~talk about never ending.

The holidays are literally whizzing by and going so quick as usual, not that I’m complaining we certainly have been busy.

September will bring a new adventure for my youngest who will be off to high school~again this doesn’t seem possible my babies are growing up so quick, time really does go by in the blink of an eye.

I like to think I try and make the most of everyday, life is too short not to be smiling.❤️x

Dublin 2017

Yesterday the day finally arrived for our trip to Dublin.We started planning it last year and it has been eagerly awaited.

 I was up and uncharacteristically ready~not just on time but early!We made it to the airport in good time and after a few giggles with me getting to grips with looking in the right direction for my picture to be taken for my boarding pass and a quick pat down at security we were good to go.

We had a stroll around duty free and found Starbucks for some coffee before our flight.

Now flying isn’t exactly my favourite thing in the world and it’s fair to say I was feeling a bit green before we boarded but once we had taken off I was fine, they even made a birthday announcement for little old me after we had landed!!

The girls had made me a birthday t.shirt to wear on the flight, which I did but I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when after we had landed in Dublin and had a quick toilet stop they all appeared out of the cubicles wearing matching personalised t-shirts too!!
We then hopped onto a bus which took us to our apartment.Once settled~we decided we ought to go and get some food and perhaps more importantly some alcohol!! Two of us went to do that whilst the other two stayed back.
I was greeted by another surprise on our return as they had been busy decorating the apartment with wonderful photos of some great times we have shared, also birthday bunting and photo props.

I was also given a fab bright pink ‘hangover hoody’ which I’m sure will not only be very apt but also very useful over the next few days.

Once again they surprised me when I came back in by all three of them sitting lined up on the sofa wearing matching hoodies too he he.

After a quick dinner and a few drinks we had fun playing who/what am I, then decided to pop out for a wander.

This wander took us to a local pub were we sang and danced to our hearts content to some amazing live music.

We arrived home in the early hours of the morning, tired but definitely smiling. My feet were filthy from going out in flip~flops, it’s safe to say it’s was a fantastic day and evening.

As I lay in bed writing all this and thinking about everything, I know I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends~they have been here for me through thick and thin, the good, the bad and quite frankly some damn right awful times.

Come rain or shine we always end up smiling and I am touched that they have not only come to Dublin to celebrate with me but also put so much time and effort in to all the lovely things they have done for me.

Ladies this ones for you~here’s to the best friends anyone could ask for.❤️x


Flying by 

The countdown is well and truly on,In less than 24hrs I will be in Dublin.

And not to wish the time away but when we arrive back it’ll be less than 24hrs before I turn 40!!

 I have been debating triple checking my birth certificate just in case a mix up or misprint has occurred and I am in fact younger!

Funnily enough it’s also my nieces birthday on the very same day~she will be 18yrs.

She was born on my 22nd birthday and for the last 18yrs it’s been a running joke that we will turn 18 and 40 on the same day~I am not finding that quite so humorous now the day is approaching!

The time has of course sped by and a lot of things have changed in those 18yrs for both of us.

I have watched her grow up into a wonderful, beautiful young lady with a fantastic future ahead of her and I know I speak for all of us when I say everyone is very proud of her.

Of course I know that turning 40 won’t be any different it’s only a number and all that business but it’s just unbelievable how time just passes in the blink of an eye.

Still before I become officially 40 I have a fab few days away with my wonderful friends to look forward to. Dublin here we come!❤️x


That crazy little thing called life 

In life there will always be things you want and things you need.

There will also always be things that you can never have regardless of being wanted or needed.

These things aren’t just material things either,they might be feelings, emotions, the need to be understood when nothing seems clear.

However life isn’t simple it isn’t straightforward and it certainly isn’t easy. It’s true that life is what you make of it but at the same time, it’s the things that life itself throws at us that makes us the people we are right at this very moment.

We could spend a lifetime trying to understand things and looking for understanding from others but those things aren’t always in our control. 

Each and everyone of us is different and that’s what makes the world a special place.

Sometimes we need to take a step back, believe in ourselves, make our own decisions and be brave, stop looking for someone else to make those decisions for us. 

At times it maybe hard to see others point of view or for them to understand how and why we do the things we do but the ones who truly matter in life will always support you regardless if they agree or disagree.

They will be there to lend an ear or give a hug when needed.

Follow your heart and your dreams, and take every opportunity of happiness, however and whenever it presents itself.

Much love ❤️x


Today coffee and lucozade will be my favourite things~they do not encourage me to dance around,singing at the top of my voice, or make me believe that a Facebook live all about ham sandwiches would be a good idea.
They certainly do not give me a headache either!

On a positive note it’s a beautiful day~so I have taken my hangover out into the garden to get some much needed fresh air.

I’ve sat myself down with my feet up in a vague attempt at getting some sun on my half brown/half white legs, if I could even up my tan that would be great.

I am also reflecting on last night.It was another great night,wonderful company food and far too much to drink. Lots and lots of laughter and giggles and a long walk home in the pitch black!

I think it’s fair to say I’m happy with life right now~not just happy very happy. I feel blessed to share my life with everyone who is in it.

I shall continue to clear my head in this lovely sunshine and then start getting myself organised for Dublin~another amazing adventure which starts in only 4 days, I know it’s going to be great and lots more memories will be made.❤️x


One of those days 

My day started well~ I am so pleased to now have 200 likes on my blog Facebook page really made me smile, I’m proud of my little blog and everyone’s support means a lot.

This was followed by having 20 minutes to get ready before going to meet my boyfriend for coffee. Well just to be true to form I spent at least 30 minutes sorting my blog out, so I literally left the house looking like I had been pulled out of bed~ a look I totally rocked of course( in my dreams!).

After going home and catching on last nights soaps I popped out to get some alcohol for tonight~I should really of stocked up with painkillers too for the inevitable headache tomorrow morning!!

Unfortunately on my return from the shops I managed to scrape my car along the porch wall on my driveway. The very same driveway that I park on every single day, not quite sure how I managed to misjudge it but trust me to do it in style.

To say I’m not thrilled would be an understatement, it’s a good job we have a nice evening out planned with good friends and plenty of alcohol to ease the pain.

Still if I don’t laugh I’ll cry so never mind, I’ve got less than four hours to get ready so if I start now I might just make it on time!❤️x

So far so good

So far the summer holidays are going well. Yesterday however In my own true style I managed to get myself stuck in the garage.
I was caught in between balancing a bed frame in one hand and a child’s bike in the other, the kids typically were nowhere to be seen.

Fortunately I somehow managed to wedge the bed back into place and climbed over the stuff I had moved to get the bike out in the first place~it’s safe to say that nothing is ever straight forward when it involves me! 

I did manage to cut the grass and give the garden a tidy before the rain made a dramatic appearance.

The children went out of for the evening so I popped over for a much needed catch up with my fabulous friend who gave me a lovely cup with such true words on it. She came to my rescue also as just before I left her house I got a text to say I was going out for dinner cue a quick raid of her wardrobe!

I had a lovely eve and am feeling blessed to have such lovely people in my life. 

I was also given a beautiful canvas with some lovely pictures of our holiday to Wales~wonderful memories to treasure.

This morning I appear to be super organised having made a casserole already which is currently in the oven, I’ve been to Tescos twice and have organised things to do this afternoon. Just hoping that the weather stays dry and the kids don’t start arguing~sounds to good to be true? We shall see!

Happy Thursday everyone.❤️x