Day three❤️

So it’s Wednesday and most certainly does feel like hump day!

It feels like one of those days when everything goes wrong.

However it’s also day three of 40 days of happiness happiness.

This afternoon I picked up my boy from school, he jumped in the car and kissed me on the cheek saying ‘Hi Mummy hows your day been?’ that little act of kindess literally made my day.❤️x

Day Two❤️

Day two of 40 days of happiness is brought to you by a fab evening playing Kerplunk.

It’s so true that it’s the simple things in life that really mean the most. It was so nice to put down the technology and play together as a family.

We had lots of giggles whilst listening to music too~good times.     ❤️x

40 days of Happiness 

Despite not looking forward to turning 40 the day has come and gone and obviously nothing changed dramatically and anything that has changed is all good.

I always tell my kids to concentrate on the positives and not the negatives, always look for something good in every day and be grateful for what you have, don’t waste time wanting things you don’t or can’t have.

Bearing that in mind I’ve decided to set myself a 40 day challenge where I share something that made me happy each day.

You can follow my 40 days of happiness at~
Let’s see what the next 40 days will bring.❤️x

Weekend Happiness.

My weekend started off with a fab night out with the lovely ladies from work~not only was there wonderful company and sparking conversation the night included some very yummy ‘posh potato waffles’ and even a nibble on a dog biscuit!!(and no it wasn’t me who tried the dog biscuit hehe).
Saturday saw a trip out to buy some furniture which ended with several boxes that I was fairly sure wouldn’t fit in the car~I did indeed have to eat my words though as after lots of rearranging we finally managed to shut the car with everything including said boxes, us and the kids inside! 

Sunday morning it was decided that we should make a start on building said furniture after a few twists and turns in a tight space one wardrobe was up and ready~that really was a labour of love but thanks to good team work it’s still standing!

After all that hard work we went out and had a lovely lunch overlooking the harbour,followed by a nice walk along the seafront, stopping on the way back for coffee and hot chocolate.

So far so good~another lovely weekend. I have found myself uncharacteristically organised and had popped to the shop for a few essentials and just when I was beginning to feel smug about getting to grips with the new car I found myself unable to get it to get in reverse which then took me not one but 4 yes 4 attempts before I could get out of the parking space I was in, I just couldn’t bring myself to look at the driver next to me.Those of you who follow my Facebook page also have seen that I panicked the other day thinking it wouldn’t start ~that turned out to be the simple thing of me putting my foot on the clutch instead of the brake when attempting to start it oops!! 

Fortunately I made it home and got the ironing and lunches sorted for tomorrow~I decided that deserved a sit down and something yummy so the kids and I had some warm cookies~what a lovely way to finish off another crazy but equally lovely weekend.

 Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x

Chilean Easy Peelers 

I don’t know about you but I find the daily job of making up packed lunches quite a chore, trying to make them different and interesting as well as healthy for my little darlings. 

Especially when they change their minds like the wind about what they like! Fortunately fruit is always a winner with my two and so they were particularly pleased and willing to take on the Britmums 


As the name suggests these are deliciously juicy and indeed easy to peel, making them ideal for taking out and about or packing in a school lunch box.
As well as contributing to your child’s five a day easy peelers can also contribute to keeping your child hydrated with a high water content of approximately 87%.

They are colourful and bright which make any lunch box inviting and healthy.
My two couldn’t wait to get stuck in and gave them a big thumbs up.

Empty lunchboxes equal a happy Mummy, knowing they’ve gone off to school with healthy, vitamin packed fruit in their lunchboxes is one less thing for me to worry about~and let’s face it with children that can only be a good thing!❤️x

*This post is an entry for Britmums #ChileanEasyPeelersChallenge sponsored by Chilean Citrus Commitee*


Love always 

When plasters and a hug for a scraped knee are a distant memory and the realisation sets in that sometimes as a parent there are things that you can’t simply fix for your child by yourself.

As a parent it’s my role and job to guide and support the kids through life and generally make things good and if needed better.

As they get bigger and life moves forwards the challenges are not only different but sometimes bigger too.

Whilst it can be hard enough to navigate myself through such times it’s harder still to watch my children when they struggle.

I want to be able to fix things and make them all better but sometimes I realise I have to stand back, take a deep breath and admit that I can’t.

I can’t always help to make sense of the emotions and feelings that along with hormones and teenage changes arrive almost out of the blue and take them by surprise almost as much as me.

When did these little people suddenly become young adults with fears and worries that I can’t simply wipe away with a hug and a smile.

The guilt I have and I’m sure will always feel has some days been enormous~constantly asking myself is it something I’ve done/am doing wrong? Should I be doing things better? I am after all only human as we all are, I know in my heart that no matter what I do, where I go and the decisions I make will always be with them at the forefront of it all.

I may get things wrong from time to time and the frustration can boil over, I may not have all the answers but I do have a huge amount of endless love and that will never change.

So here’s to being a parent a Mum, doing my best, even when my patience is being put to the test, I wouldn’t have it any other way.❤️x

Opposites attract.

If being unorganised was an Olympic sport I would have medals coming out of my ears.

Sadly it isn’t and instead of recognition there is only stress and chaos!

My mind is as chaotic as my life, sometimes I over think before I speak or sometimes I just open my mouth before my brain has even engaged and everything tumbles out right or wrong.

The inability to finish things without distraction isn’t a quality I possess either and I can often be found leaving things to go and do something else before I forget or simply because it’s more appealing!

Writing is one of those things that can often grab me and drag me away usually from the kitchen sink.

I find it calming to write my thoughts and note them down.

I often look around and think my life is like a whirlwind of things going round and around, I wish I could clap my hands and make these things stop dancing and spinning around me.

To put things into prospective my boyfriend and I are going away to Venice in three weeks time, and last night we were chatting on the phone and he mentioned that he was making a list of things to take, I mean while was online googling Advent Calendars for the kids!!

This is what I mean~I can’t even get myself organised for tomorrow but I’m thinking of December already!

It’s a good job opposites attract then that’s all I can say he he.❤️x

#EcoverLaundry challenge.

Let’s talk about washing~let’s face if there’s always tons of it to be done and having a child with very sensitive skin I’m only too aware of how important it is to find the right products to avoid any flare ups and uncomfortable rashes from freshly washed clothing/bedding etc.

We have been testing Ecover non~bio concentrated laundry detergent from not only does it smell lovely and beautifully fresh, the cleaning power is amazing.

It’s fantastic for the whole family, over the years I have struggled to find something that is gentle enough for my daughters skin that not only cleans effectively but smells good too. We have all loved the fragrant smell of lavender and sandalwood and I have noticed how the scent really does last.

From school uniform to grubby pe kits we have certainly put Ecover through its paces and the results have been fantastic, it has tackled mud,dirt and dinner stains with ease and left our bedding feeling soft, fragrant and gentle to the skin.

To top it all off Ecover isn’t just kind to skin it’s kind to the environment too as it is a plant based and concentrated too~giving you not only peace of mind but lots of washes too.

It has certainly got a big thumbs up from all the family.❤️x

This is an entry for #Britmums Ecoverlaundry challenge sponsored by Ecover.

Calm in a storm 

You are the up to my down,               the right to my wrong, the voice of reason when I feel like screaming.

A calming hug and a comforting smile,a squeeze of my hand to tell me it’s going to be ok in a while.

When it all seems too much you make it clear that what ever is happening you will be near.

With you by my side I can truly believe that whatever this crazy life throws at me you’ll help me up and calm me down and you’ll always be around.
So here’s to you and cheers to us,       I know sometimes I make a fuss, but let me make it crystal clear these words I want you to hear.

I love you more than words can say and by your side I want to stay.

Thank~You for being my calm in a storm.❤️x